How Virtualization Transforms IT Challenges Into Cost-Effective Strengths

Posted on May 23, 2017 by TelWare


Information technology (IT) increases the efficiency of organizations when managed effectively. However, as organizations grow, and as IT resource demands increase within organizations, IT management also becomes increasingly complex, costly and time-consuming. IT virtualization solves many of the challenges that emerge within a growing organization by decreasing IT hardware costs, administrative costs, the demand for IT space and the risk of downtime. Virtualization solves the most common IT challenges in the following ways:

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How Businesses Can Benefit From Virtualization

Posted on January 31, 2017 by TelWare


Virtualization is the current buzzword in the information-technology (IT) industry. While it sounds like a complicated undertaking reserved for big businesses, its application has lately gained momentum even among small- to medium-sized enterprises.

So, what is virtualization? It is, in simple terms, a combination of software and hardware elements to create virtual machines. These virtual machines function just like they would if they existed physically, but with the main advantage of consuming fewer resources.

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What Is Virtualization?

Posted on November 22, 2016 by TelWare


Whether they know it or not, almost everyone has used virtualization. Here's an example:

Desktop computers and laptops have physical keyboards. When you type on them, your fingers actually depress keys. But if you've ever sent a text message or email from your smartphone, you probably did not depress any keys at all. That's because there's no physical keyboard on your phone; you type on an image of a keyboard that's displayed on the phone's screen. But even though the keys aren't "real," you can use them to type just as if they were. A software representation that you can use as if it were physically present is what virtualization is all about.

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